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Sunday, February 23, 2020

South Carolina - Charleston - Last Post

Such interesting houses and buildings in downtown Charleston
 Meeting Street
Original cobblestone streets - The cobblestones were used for ballast on colonial ships. Many of them ended up in the harbor when the ships loaded up with cargo. Someone decided the stones could be used on the muddy, sandy streets.
City Market was established in the 1790s. It's 4 blocks long 

Built in 1767-1771, this building has been used as a custom house, public market, meeting place, and jail. 

Click here for a history of these houses, called Rainbow Row
The homes were constructed around 1740. Merchants had their businesses on the first floors and lived on the upper floors. 

These are called "Charleston Single Houses" - The front door leads to a ground level porch or patio where the actual front door to the house is. More here about why the houses were built sideways. 

Click here for more examples of Charleston's architecture

Saturday, February 22, 2020

South Carolina - Charleston - Walkways & Courtyards

Downtown Charleston is full of intriguing walkways and glimpses of courtyards

street sign for Stoll's Alley
 Stoll's Alley below

Friday, February 21, 2020

South Carolina - Charleston - Churches

Charleston is sometimes call the Holy City because of its many churches and history of religious tolerance. Church spires are seem to dot the sky in every direction. 
The French Huguenot Church was completed in 1845
The Huguenot was the French Protestant movement. Persecution caused members to relocate to many other countries. They came to Charleston in 1680. 

 The congregation was established in Charleston in 1681. 
This building was completed in 1836. 

Thursday, February 20, 2020

South Carolina - Boone Hall Plantation - Avenue of Oaks

Avenue of Oaks

The driveway is almost a mile long. It took about 200 years for the live oak branches to meet overhead. This driveway was supposedly the inspiration for the driveway in "Gone With the Wind." (more here)
The house is at my back. I'm looking towards the "Avenue of Oaks."

Click here for information about Gone With the Wind and connections to other movies