Thursday, April 18, 2019

Hard Things

Sometimes life is just hard. We can push through the difficulties and keep going
Not long ago I was climbing these stairs & thinking about challenges
These sightings strengthened me
can you see the worm in the middle?
 grass & a plant find a place to grow despite the obstacles

Tulips - Fields of Color

Every year I look forward to standing in fields of awesome color
I don't know how to describe the feeling
It's as if I can feel the vibrancy of the colors
so vivid, so awesome
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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Tulips - Display Garden

RoozenGaarde ( is a division of Washington Bulb Company Inc., the largest flower bulb grower in North America with more than 1000 acres of tulip and daffodil fields located in the Skagit Valley. In addition to the vast fields of flowers, we also grow tulips and lilies year round in our 15 acres of greenhouses.

The company is owned by the Roozen family - tulip and bulb growers in Holland and the United States since the early 1700's. RoozenGaarde has a beautiful 5 acre display garden (and gift shop) that is planted with over ¼ million bulbs and features an authentic Dutch Windmill! Each year we completely redesign and replant the display garden to provide for brand new floral sights and splendidly colorful scenes spring after spring. This year's design will feature plenty of unique patterns, brilliant color combinations, and the always popular flowering rivers of deep blue muscari! (source)
 RoozenGaarde's show garden is amazing. 
Click on an image to see them in a larger size
rivers of muscari
so many varieties
so many special designs in the beds this year
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Happy It's Spring

This shrub looks like it's happy it's Spring!
This is one of my favorite shrubs, piers or lily-of-the-valley shrub. 
It keeps getting more colorful as the seasons progress.
Its leaves are green most of the year. Then the tiny lily of the valley bells appear in early Spring. Then the red leaves appear and last for I forget how long. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Writing Things of Our Souls

I type my daily journal but a few years ago I started handwriting my scripture journal. I've found I do like the feel of pen, paper, and writing "things of my soul." 

Click here for more thoughts about handwriting vs typing

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Roots of Knowledge

Roots of Knowledge
Fulton Library
Utah Valley University, Orem, Utah
See the curved structure in the middle of the picture
top - by day
below - by night
80 10’ high stained glass panes and 200’ long
A fusion of art, education, and public space, Roots of Knowledge starts with the dawn of humanity and ends with the present day. The series of stained glass windows chronicles the human quest for intellectual advancement and progress. The panes are vibrantly colored glass paintings and interpretations of world history, including major inventions such as the Mayan Calendar and the printing press; important figures such as Joan of Arc and the Kangxi Emperor; major world events, such as Scotland’s Declaration of Arbroath and the American Civil Rights Movement; and thousands of other historical figures, tools, and events. Altogether, Roots of Knowledge incorporates thousands of pieces of glass, as well as actual rock, fossils, coins, meteorite, petrified wood, and coral. (UVU)
Click on an image & you'll see larger images of these beautiful windows

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